What are Safety Shoes? Why it is necessary to wear safety footwear at work?

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What is Safety Shoes?

Let’s talk about safety first, what is safety? According to merriam-webster safety is the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss. In layman language safety is nothing but protecting oneself from getting damaged or injured or keeping yourself and others free from harm or danger. We are using this term “safety” a lot many times in a day. We should also understand what are the types of Hazards and why it is important to have a safety wear at the workplace.

Type of Hazards

  • Biological Hazards: They are exposure to harm or disease associated working with infectious animals, people, or plant materials.
  • Physical Hazards: The factors in the environment that can harm body without necessarily touching it.
  • Ergonomic Hazards: It occurs when your body parts are put in a strain position or working conditions.
  • Chemical Hazards: Hazards exposure to chemicals in the workplace in the form of solid, liquid or gas state.
  • Electrical Hazards: Workers are prone to potential electric shocks from short-circuits, etc.

Places where you find Hazards

Schools, Day Care Facilities, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing Homes, or Various Outdoor Occupations like industries, factories, constructions sites, cement factories & more.

“Safety does not come with lucky. It has to be prepared”

OSHA Norms:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses protective footwear or safety shoes/ safety boots when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole, or when the use of protective footwear will protect the affected employee from an electrical hazard, such as a static-discharge or electric-shock hazard, that remains after the employer takes other necessary protective measures.

Why it is necessary to wear Safety footwear?

Safety Boots are one of the most important elements of personal safety. People working on construction & industrial sites which are hazardous workplaces possess a high risk of foot injuries.

Safety footwear boots/shoes are fitted with features like impact protection and slip-resistant soles, safety toes, and adequate ankle padding. These features provide excellent foot protection to workers, allowing them to work efficiently around the site.

Statistics and facts from US Department of Labour, 666 workplace injuries are associated with slips, falls and trips. Injuries involving strains and falls are also among the leading causes of missing work.

Wearing safety shoes is not just beneficial for the workers but for company owners as well, as it protects them from lawsuits.

With safety footwear, workers can protect themselves from trips, slips, burns and even electric shocks.

It is very important to find a pair of boots that fits the job role and safety requirements.

Workers who are standing for long periods of time, it is not easy for them dealing with hazardous or heavy items. So it is important to wear safety footwear which ensures them a proper support and posture while doing there work. If they do not ensure protection then it can affect their health while carrying out their daily tasks.

There are many hazards the average working person comes in contact with every day. The proper footwear can prevent unnecessary accidents.

“Wear it before it get late!!”

Why Safety Shoes is necessary?

  • It Protests from falling & flying objects at the workplace
  • Protects from puncturing your body
  • Protects from chemical hazards
  • Protects from cutting hazards
  • Protects from electrical hazards
  • Prevents from slipping, trapping & falling
  • Prevent from fatigue
  • Prevent from Burns
  • Protects from Extreme climatic change

Wild bull safety shoes is the best choice for your feet’s safety. It is very important to follows your business requirements and then selects the appropriate safety shoes. Improving self-safety and comfort, will make your work easy & fatigue free. Wild Bull safety shoes takes every safety parameter into consideration and handcraft safety shoes. They have a massive variety of safety shoes, steel toe shoes, steel capped shoes, gum boots, security Footwear, Boots, Instructors, footwear and Rigger Boots available online on leading platforms at an affordable price on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM etc.

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